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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

How do you say "to feel sorry for" and "poor baby"?

To feel sorry for kè fè mal pou, an expression which lit. means one's heart hurts for ...

Poor baby! podyab

1. I feel sorry for you.
    Kè'm fè'm mal pou ou.
    Literally: My heart hurts for you.

2. I feel sorry for her.
    Kè'm fè'm mal pou li.
    Literally: My heart hurt for her.

3. He felt sorry for me.
    Kè'l te fè'l mal pou mwen.
    Literally: His heart hurt for me

4.  I felt remorse. (I felt bad.  I felt sympathy)
     Kè'm te fè'm mal.
     Literally: My heart hurt.

5.  He looked at the beggar and felt sympathy. So he gave her five dollars.
     Li te gade mandyan an enpi kè'l te fè'l mal.  Donk li te ba li senk dola.

When you use "Podyab" in Creole, you can add a pronoun or object after it depending on the subject you're showing sympathy for.  For example:

6. Awww.... you poor thing!
    O! Podyab!
    O! Podyab ou!
    Meaning: What a poor thing YOU are!

7. Awww.... poor baby!
    Podyab li!
    Meaning: What a poor thing He is!

8. John did not steal the shoe, but they arrested him.  Poor John!  He carried the burden for his mom.
    Jan p'at vòlè soulye a, men se li yo te arete.  Podyab Jan!  Li te pote fado a pou manman 'l.

You can also say "podyab mwen!" in Creole.  I guess it'll translate as "O! my misery!"

9.  Podyab mwen!  Mwen pa fè krim, men mwen nan prizon.
     O! my misery! I did not commit a crime, and here I am in jail.

10.  Podyab nou!  Se malè nou ki fè anpil moun pwospere.
       O! What misery for us!  Many people prosper because of our misfortune.

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