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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Kisa vle di 'fe twalet' egzakteman?

twalètto take a bath, to clean up, to wash up, to take care of your hygiene
fè twalèt can also mean to wash up your private parts, especially when Haitians say fè twalèt deba (which applies mostly to women).
Fè twalèt deba (for many since there's no running water) will consist of sitting on chamber pot that is filled with water and ... you know... take good care of the V. 

See how we use it like a pronominal verb with the pronouns after it (underlined).

1. Al fè twalèt ou.
    It's like saying: Go wash yourself up.  or Go do your wash (lit.)   
    Go wash up.

2. Mwen poko fè twalèt mwen.
    I haven't washed up yet.

3.  Kilè li te gen tan fè twalèt li?
     When did she have the time to wash up?

4. Al fè twalèt de ba w.
    The same goes here with the pronouns.  They will follow "deba".
    Go wash up.

5.  Chak maten manman tifi a fè'l al fè twalèt deba l nan larivyè a.
      Every morning the girl's mother have her wash up in the river.
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