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Monday, April 15, 2013

Kisa vle di kèlkelanswa epi gendemoun?

Kisa vle di kèlkelanswa epi gendemoun?
Kèlkelanswa, kèlkeswa, kèlkilanswa, pèkeswa → whichever, whatever
see this link: Kèlkeswa oubyen kèlkilanswa

gende in front of a word means there are some.  
Ou kapab itilize l avèk anpil lòt mo.
It is mainly like using Gen to translate there is / there are

Pa egzanp:

gendemoun (gende moun) → There are some people, some people
Gendemoun ki pa renmen manje kalalou.
There are some people who don't like to eat okra.

gende bagay (gen de bagay) → There are some things, some things
Gende bagay ki pi bon lè pa pale yo.
Some things are better left unsaid.

gende fwa (gendefwa, gen de fwa) → sometimes
Gendefwa li pi bon lè w pa di anyen ditou.
Sometimes it's better when you don't say anything at all

gende pawòl → there are some words
Gende pawòl ki blese.
Some words can hurt.

gende koze → there are some things
Gende koze ou pa bezwen pale.
Somethings you don't to talk about.
You don't need to talk about everything.

gende machin → there are some cars
Gende machin ki gen sis kawoutyou
Some cars have six tires.

gende timoun → There are some kids
Gende timoun nan peyi Etazini ki al dòmi tou grangou chak swa.
There are some kids in the US who goes to sleep hungry every night.


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