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Monday, April 22, 2013

Tanpri tradwi fraz sa-a pou mwen. 1. Li do wè sa k nan tèt li. (sa vle di 'do'?) 2. ...te gen yon ja ki te kache la. (Does 'ja' mean jar?) 3. yo tounen anwon tankou toupi (toupi?) Mèsi

do (dwe) → must, must have
1. Li do wè sa'k nan tèt li.
    He/she must have seen what's in his/her head.
    He/she must have read his/her thoughts?????

2. I think "ja" might have originated form "jar" (money jar)
    In Creole it means a stash, a stash of money, a treasure, a stash of treasure, a fortune
    Usually we say yon ja lajan
    ...te gen yon ja ki te kache la.
    ...There was a treasure hidden there.

3. toupi (or topi) → tops (the toy), spin top
    Yo tounen anwon tankou yon topi.
     They turned round and round like a spin top.
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