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Thursday, April 25, 2013

What are words for "step'? " ........

What are words for "step'? "The first step is to think about what
you want to write about. The second step is to do some research on your chosen
topic. The third step is to take notes on what you find to support your
arguments. The fourth step is to write a draft. The final step is to compose the
final product."
What are words 'step' in this sense? "The reputation of a man depends on the
first steps he makes in the world."

Steps pa (pace of feet)
First stepspremye pa
He tool his first steps. → Li te pran premye pa li yo.

Steps faz, etap, tranch (level, phase, part)
What you describe in the first part of your questions might be translated as faz, etap or tranch.
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