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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Will you translate this for me please? "Anketè yo di, blesu li a, sanble kòmkidire se li ki ta tire sou pwòp tèt li." Mèsi.

ankèt → investigation
anketè → investigator
blesi (not blesu) → injury, wound
kòmkidire (or kòmkwadire) → as if, seemingly
tire → to shoot (with a gun or rifle)
pwòp tèt → own self

"Anketè yo di, blesi li a, sanble kòmkidire se li ki ta tire sou pwòp tèt li."
"The investigators say, his injury, seems as if it's him who would shoot at his own self."
"The investigators say, his injuries seem as if they were self inflicted."
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  1. Ah! Mesi. Let 'u' a nan mo 'blesu' a t ap fe m konfonn. Epi tou Google pa t konnen ki sa vle di 'komkidire'. Mesi anko pou ed ou!