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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bonjou, Kouman ou di 'by the way'?

Bonswa :)

by the way anpasan, antwot, kite priyè pran kantik*, or kite kantik pran priyè
speaking ofanpalan de
While on the subject → pandan nou sou sijè

"Kite priyè pran kantik" (lit. leave prayer take song; stop praying, let's sing) is used when you're changing the subject of a conversation.
For example, two people may be talking about cars  in general and then something else comes to mind, then one of them will say:
Kite priyè pran kantik, eske w tande konpani Toyota pral fèmen pòt yo nèt?
By the way, did you hear that the Toyota Company will close their doors forever?

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  1. Ou konnen fow rele sou ko a tou. Please translate

    1. rele sou kò w (or ranmase kò w) → to take better care of yourself so you can look better, ...more impressionable, to tidy up yourself, to call after yourself

      Ou konnen fò w rele sou kò a tou.
      You know you need to take better care of yourself.
      You know, you need to call after yourself.
      You know, you shouldn't let yourself go like that.

    2. Please translate:
      Oh wi e sistam wi li ye..
      sou pawol li mwel c on Bon timoun anpil e tres jaloux ..
      Anpil wi telmanl jaloux tt kotem ye fok li knnfn wi TI pitit sa..
      Fi sa c knsal ye wi sansib poum

  2. Blag/ c t elev FILO ak reto kite nan diskisyon, FILO di babay reto, reto di FILO fout nou deyo.. Bonne nuit.

  3. what kite priye pran kantik or kite kantik pran priye literally means?

    1. kite priyè pran kantik literally means quit praying, let's sing
      and vice versa:
      Kite kantik pran priyè - quit singing, let's pray

  4. Please translate.. Yo soti k nou la

    1. usually "k" (contracted) is Haitian Creole "ki"
      as in:

      Sa k pase (Kisa ki pase?)
      What's up?

      Eske se ou k la a?
      Is it you that's here?

      But here it seems to mean ak,or avèk.
      With no knowledge of the context, the phrase seems to say "they come out with us"

  5. What does tt mean?