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Friday, May 10, 2013

I have a mural that I will be painting in St. Martin near Les Cayes. Could you help me with the words so I am able to say them in Creole? This is a link to the article when I went in Feb 2013:

Gainesville Artist Teaches Haitians to 'Paint' Mural Using Recycled Trash

Church → legliz   (pronounced: lay-gleez)
Cross - kwa, or lakwa   (pronounced: ko-a, or la-ko-a)
gate - baryè   (pronounced: ba-ri-yɛ)
flag - drapo   (pronounced: d-ra-po)
Rooster - kòk   ( pronounced: kɔk)
ball - balon   (pronounced: ba-lon)
rocks - wòch   (pronounced: wɔ-sh)
Palm tree - pye palmis   (pronounced: pje-pal-mees)
chicken - poul   (pronounced: pool)
chicks - ti pousen   (pronounced: tee-poo-sen)
cow - bèf   (pronounced: bɛf)
girl - fi, tifi   (pronounced: fee or tee-fee)
water - dlo   (pronounced: D-lo)
well - pui, pui dlo, οr pi dlo   (pronounced: pee-d-lo)
bucket - bokit   (pronounced bo-keet)
butterflies - papiyon   (pronounced: pa-pee-yon)
horse - chwal   (pronounced: sho-al)
shell - kokiy   (pronounced ko-keey)
fish  - pwason   (pronounced poa-son)
sea turtle - tòti lanmè   (pronounced tɔ-tee-lan-mɛ)
sea weed  - algi, or plant akwatik   ( pronounced: a-gee)
dolphin - dofen   (pronounced:  do-fen)
bobber - apat, or flotè   (pronounced a-pat or flo-te)
trap - zatrap   (pronounced: za-t-rap)
starfish - zetwal lanmè   (pronounced zay-toal-lan-me)
sun - solèy   (pronounced so-lɛ-y)
goat - kabrit   (pronounced ka-breet)
pig - kochon   (pronounced ko-shon)
mango tree - pye mango   (pronounced pje-man-go)
banana tree - pye bannann   (pronounced pje-ban-nan-n)

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