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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Question: Kisa vle di mo sa yo: 1. Sendenden 2. Farine 3. Enpridans 4. Lèzo 5. Afese 6. Chèdepoul 7. Meprize li 8. Mayas 9. Remontrans Mèsi :)

1. Sendenden → worthless, despicable, good-for-nothing person
    a.  Bann mou fou!  Bann sendenden!
         Bunch of crazies!  Bunch of worthless pricks!

     b.  Mwen p'ap elve fanm pou bay sendenden marye non. (That's my dad talking :)
          I will not groom daughters so that they can be married to pricks.

2. Farine (or farinen) → to drizzle
     a. Lapli a ap farine deyò a.
         It's a drizzling rain outside.

3. Enpridans → carelessness, negligence
     a. Se enpridans ou ki lakòz ou pèdi lajan an.
         You lost the money because of your negligence

4. Lèzo (Is it KASE LÈZO??)
    Kase lèzo → water breaks (when ready to have a baby)

    a. Madanm nan kase lèzo.  Delivrans li pa lwen.
        Her water broke.  Her deliverance is not far.

5. Afese → depressed, chagrined, sad
   a. Poukisa ou afese konsa?
       Why are so sad?

 6. Chèdepoul → goosebumps
      a. Fim nan ban m chèdepoul.
          The movie gave me goosebumps.

       b. Pandan fanm nan t'ap pale a, chèdepoul leve sou po m.
           While the woman was talking, I had goosebumps.

 7. Meprize li → to ignore, to look down on, to not give someone attention

 8. Mayas (probably from English "my ass") → it's a very bad shoe smell (in Haitian Creole)
     Soulye w santi mayas.
     Your shoe has a bad smell.
     Your shoe smells.

9. Remontrans → critique, reprimand

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