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Most requested translations added here for your convenience: I love you → Mwen renmen w. I miss you → Mwen sonje w. My love!Lanmou mwen!

Monday, June 10, 2013

2 questions in 1: How does one convey "I missed you." instead of "I remembered you"? Also, what is this Creole word for "teacher"? It sounded something like "metla" and was a title of honor.

"Mwen te sonje w" is basically a good way to say that.
Sonje (or chonje) translates to remember, to recall, to reminisce, to think of, to long for, to miss

1. Lè ou kite, mwen va sonje w anpil.
    When you leave I'll miss you a lot.

2.  M sonje manman m.
     I miss my mom.

3. Eske ou te sonje m?
    Did you miss me?
4. Sonje priye anvan w'al kouche.
    Remember to pray before you go lie down.

5. Fè m sonje rele sè w la pou m ka swete l bòn fèt.
    Remind me to call your sister so I may wish her a happy birthday.

Creole word for teacher → pwofesè, mèt, metrès (female)
Yes sometimes people say "mèt la" which literally means "the master".  It's equivalent "teacher"

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