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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bonjou Mandaly e mèsi pou tout ki fè w. I have a question about how to say "Poma Rosa" (Puerto Rico) or "Manzana de Agua" (Central America) It grows on a beautifully green tree is pinkish or red, very juicy with a subtle flavor. It also lays down a purple carpet when it's blooms drop. There are so many fruits I know and love but I don't even know how to say them in English, mch less creole. Mèsi anpil.

Dakò, mèsi anpil :)

Poma rosa (Syzygium malaccense) or mountain apple in English is called pomwoz or pòm woz in Haiti grows abundantly in the Northeast regions of Haiti per agronomist Francois Séverin.
I think I should say that it is not the same as pòm kajou (Anacardium occidentale), case the latter comes up.

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