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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I want to design an exam question of the following type: There are two columns of words shown. The children need to match the words on the left side with the words on the right side by drawing a line. How could I say this in kreyòl in a way that is easy for timoun to understand? Mèsi!

What is the connection between the words on the left side with the word on the right side? Are they synonyms? Antonyms?  That connection, if you are including it too, will be written in blue.

Ou kapab ekri:

Trase yon liy pou konnekte mo ki nan kolonn goch la ak mo ki nan kolonn dwat la.
Trase yon liy pou konnekte mo ki nan kolonn goch la ak mo ki vle di menm bagay la nan kolonn dwat la.

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  1. Another random question - are the commas (,) needed in this sentence? The sentence was given to me without commas, but I am inclined to add them.

    "Paske limyè se yon nesesite pou moun, pou bèt, ak pou plant. "

    1. The commas look like they belong there. I would leave it as you have it.