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Monday, June 10, 2013

it's me again asking another question on emphasis. Using 'byen' as manje byen manje. Could you give me a couple of example?

Here the emphasis will translate into REALLY WELL.

Some examples:

1.  Mare l byen mare.
     Tie it really tightly.

2. Mwen gade l byen gade.
    I took a good look at him.

3. Fanm nan joure mesye a byen joure.
    The woman really cursed the guy out.

4.  Lave l byen lave  anvan w mennen l anndan kay la.
     Wash it really well before you bring it inside the house.

5. Li sere mont lan byen sere pou ankenn pa't jwenn ni.
    He hid the watch real well so that no one would find it.

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