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Saturday, June 1, 2013

ka gen (there may be?), konn gen (There used to be?)

Gen or genyenthere is / there are
Gen yon fèt nan legliz la.
There's a party at the church.

Pa gen yon fèt nan legliz la.
There's not a party at the church.

Te gen or te genyenthere was / there were
Te gen yon fèt nan legliz la.
There was a party at the church.

Pa te genyen yon fèt nan legliz la.
There was not a party at the church.

Ka gen or ka genyenthere might be / there may be
Ka gen enpe moun ki p'ap ka vini.
There might/may be a few people that will not be able to make it.

Ka pa gen plas pou w chita si n pa ale bonè.
There may not be a place for you to sit if we don't go early.

Konn gen or konn genyenthere's usually or there's sometimes
Konn gen de jou mwen pa ka menm leve sot nan kabann.
There are some days I can't even get out of bed.

Te konn gen or te konn genyenthere used to be
Te konn gen yon mesye ki vin wè li chak vandredi.
There used to be a man who came to see her every Friday.

Fò gen or fò genyenthere must be
Fò genyen yon lòt fason pou fè sa.
There must be another way to do this.

Te ka gen or te ka genyenthere could have been
Te ka genyen plis dega ki fèt si lapli a te dire pi long.  
There could have been more damage if the rain lasted longer.

Ta dwe gen or ta dwe genyenthere should be
Ta dwe gen yon lwa kont bagay sa yo.
There should be a law against these things.

Se pou gen or se pou genyenthere must be
Se pou genyen yon konpetisyon ki va detèminen kilès ki pi entelijan.
There must be a competition which will determine which is samrter.


Dwe gen or dwe genyen → there must be
Dwe gen omwens trant moun ki rete nan kay sa a.
There must be at least thirty people living in this house.

11.  Pa ta dwe gen or pa ta dwe genyen → there should not be
Pa ta dwe gen yon lwa ki pou di w sa pou w fè ak kò pa'w.
There should not be a law to tell you what to do with your own body.

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