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Monday, June 24, 2013

When you have the chance can you write down some of the H. Creole terms with "Ké". I have "ké sote" and "ké kontan".

The accent on the "e" for "kè" is different than what you have in your question.  You have "ké", but you should write "kè".  This changes the sound of the letter.  You're probably typing alt +130 (aksantegi) instead of alt+138 (aksan grav / aksan fòs).

There are a few Haitian Creole terms (I cannot think of all of them), but if you come up with more, send me a comment and I'll add it to the post.

kè grenn → envy, resentment
Kè l grenn - He's resentful

kè kontanhappiness
Nou gen kè kontan.
We are happy.

kè sere - anxiety, nervousness
kè m sere, m pa ka manje.
When I'm anxious I can't eat

kè sou biskèt - (same with kè sere)
Yo di si kè w sou biskèt tout tan, sa kapab koze tansyon w monte wo.
They say if you're anxious all the time, this might cause you to have a high blood pressure

kè sotepanic, scare, anxiety
Mwen ta renmen viv san kè sote.
I would like to live in peace (without fear).

Kè kase same with kè sote

kè cho → excitement, restlessness
Kè m cho jodi a. M pral chache pitit gason m nan ayewopò a.  Mwen pa't wè li depi senkan.
I am excited today.  I am going to pick up my son at the airport.  I haven't seen him in five years.

kè pòpòz → calm
Madanm sa a toujou kè pòpòz.  Kè l pa janm sote pou anyen.
This woman is always calm.  She never panics for anything.

kè plen → nauseous
Sant mache a ban m kè plen.
The smell of the market makes me nauseous.

kè tounen  (same with kè plen)

kè sansib → compassion, kindness
Pafwa moun pran avantaj sou sa yo ki gen kè sansib.
Sometimes people take advantage on those who are kind.

pa kè (pakè) → by heart (as in memorizing)
Ou pa bezwen aprann vèsè a pa kè, nou va ekri l pou ou.
You do not need to learn the verse by heart.  We'll write it down for you.

kè di → indifference, hard-hearted
Nanpen moun gen kè di pase mesye sa a
There's no one more indifferent than this guy.

bon kè →compassion, kindness
Li toujou bon pou w viv ak yon moun ki gen bon kè.
It's always nice to live with a good-hearted person.

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