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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

how do you use APA in Creole? when you ask a question with it what does it mean? For example someone asked me APA OU PA ALE? Is this question asking 'Why didn't you go?

"Apa" may be used in an interrogative sentence. In that instance it's more like and acknowledgement and question both in one.  "Apa w'ap kriye?" will translate "so you're crying?" and "How come you're crying?"

1. Apa ou pa ale?
   I see that you didn't go, how come?

2. Apa ou pa di anyen?
    So, you're not saying anything?

3. Apa ou la toujou.  Eske ou pa't gen pou w al travay?
   I see that you're still here? Didn't you have to go to work?

4. Apa w'ap manje vyann? M te kwè ou te di ou se yon vejetaryen.?
    How come you're eating meat?  I thought you said you were a vegetarian?

It is also used in non-question sentences.  It may be an interjection or an acknowledgement:
5. Ou di w t'ap chache liv la e ou pa't sa jwenn li.  Apa li la a.
     You said you were looking for the book and you couldn't find it.  There it is.

6. Apa nou!
    So here we are!

7. Apa tout moun ap mache san soulye.
    I see that everyone is walking barefoot.

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