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Monday, July 1, 2013

M vle pral di, "We can expect tribulations but we cannot escape them by compromising our faith. We must encourage one another and we must fortify our own faith. " Doe this sound right? Nou ka atann tribilasyon men nou pa ka chape anba yo pa konpwomèt lafwa nou. Nou dwe ankouraje yon lòt ak nou dwe fòtifye lafwa pwòp nou.

How about:
Nou kapab atann nou ak tribilasyon, men nou pa ka mete lafwa nou andanje pou nou chape anba yo. Nou youn dwe ankouraje lòt, enpi nou dwe fòtifye pwòp lafwa pa nou.

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  1. Wow! Vit ou!
    This is a good example of what is currently tripping me up. In more complicated sentences I seem to place words in the wrong places?

    Take just "nou youn dwe ankourage lòt." Is it Lit. We a must encourage other.

    1. We must encourage one another.
      You can translate it as:
      Nou dwe ankouraje youn lòt.
      Nou youn dwe ankouraje lòt.
      I am more inclined to say the latter.

      And You could still use the word "konpwomèt", but we could not use it in a passive way like in the original sentence translation.

      and "our own faith" is translated as "...pwòp lafwa nou" or "....pwòp lafwa pa nou".

      Keep it up
      Bondye beni w :)