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Monday, August 12, 2013

Hi Mandaly! I heard some words and phrases that I was unsure of yesterday at church. I wish I had gotten more phrases and context for you, but would you help me understand these, if you can make sense of them? Yon raj Vye flo lakay li Pa plenyen so ave li Sisite eprev yo Li sisite yon anvi lakay kretyen yo Rega (like regard maybe?) Nou vin rabi Thanks so much!

yon raj - a rage, frenzy, madness

vye flo lakay li - old torment within him (depending on context)
flo - torrent, tide, suffering, anguish
yon flo touman - a cascade of torment (pa egzanp)
Tout flo li te pase sou mwen - All his wrath was on me

pa plenyen sò (w?) avè li - Do not lament (your?) circumstance with him/her
- circumstance, fate, luck, karma

sisite eprèv yo - to resurrect the trials and tribulations
eprèv (or zeprèv) - trials and tribulations, grief, affliction
sisite (resisite) - resurrect, to bring to life

rega - a look

nou vin rabi - we've become incorrigible (depending on context)
rabi - said of of clothes that cannot be cleaned thoroughly.  
For example, some white clothes lose their 'whiteness' and no matter how much you bleach them they remain yellowish.  These clothes are said to be 'rabi' in Creole.
Also a meat that remains tough no matter how much you cook or boil it.  It cannot get tender.  The meat is said to be 'rabi' in Creole
And also a fruit that never reaches ripeness or maturity is said to be 'rabi' in Creole.

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