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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Madanm, I have been trying to find the Kreyol word for "carousel" for two days now. It’s not in my dictionary that I can find. I know it starts with a "K". The stupid online translator acts like it does not know the word I am trying to find; it just repeats the English word for it. Anyway, PLEASE help me! Also, "kanaval e kannaval" are both in my dictionary Which one of these words is more prevalent in usage? I'm thinking the first word. I am about one month out for completion of the Pimsleur HC 30 lesson course I am using. It has been great! I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about learning HC. I plan to use your learning website to "finish off" my Kreyol Ayisyen when I am done. Mesi anpil. Jan Rachal

It's kawousèl, or mannèj, in Creole.

As for "kanaval", you're right, the first one is used more, but some people do say kan-na-val also.

Yes, I have heard great reviews from people who've used the Pimsleur method for learning H. Creole. I'm glad that you find it helpful.  Do you get to practice Creole conversation with other Creole speakers?

Dakò :)
Kontinye konsa.

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  1. Madanm, no I have not had any opportunity of
    conversing in Kreyol Ayisyen. I met one other
    HC speaker up front when I was starting to learn Kreyol in Denver, CO, but he shortly thereafter moved back to New Jersey and has not called me as of yet. He was rusty with his Kreyol, as he was not able to use it in Denver (he had been here for over ten years). My Brown Cajun cousin (Kreyol and Cajun speaking) is currently doing a lot of traveling, so he has not been of help thus far. He is the one that prodded me into learning Kreyol Ayisyen. I have been flying solo with this ADVENTURE of learning Kreyol since the beginning. But not all is bad; I go to You Tube
    and pull up videos on people speaking HC. I do
    this quite a lot. And, I constantly speak aloud (what I know) in HC, before saying it in english. I will be out and about and some people look at me like I am crazy, but I do not care. I WILL GET THIS DOWN! If this was French or Spanish, I would have been done long
    before now. One plus is that I am constantly
    going over Kreyol on a daily basis so as not to forget any of it (what I know). But until I can find a speaker of HC, I will be at a
    disadvantage. Anyway, You have been the biggest help to me! When I am finished with the Pimsleur course, I will be totally hitting
    hard all of your resources on this site. Mesi.

  2. Mandaly, I forgot to ask you. Is "kawousel"
    in the Kreyol language able to be used as in
    english for a "turnstile" and a "baggage carousel"
    as in an airport? Mesi anpil. Jan Rachal

    1. Yes, we do use the word "kawousèl" or "kouwa" for "turnstile" (used for hauling luggage).

      "kouwa" is Haitian Creole for a turning belt.