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Monday, August 26, 2013

What are the ways of saying "come from" as in "I come from Haiti" or other sayings similar? I've seen soti ak and soti nan. James

yes, you are right.  Usually you will see the the word soti (sot) is used and it means to come from, to be originated from, or to just come from (or just (adv): very recently)

Mwen soti Ayiti. - I come from Haiti.
Mwen fèk soti Ayiti. - I just came from Haiti.
Nou soti legliz. - We come from church
Ki kote ou soti? - Where do you come from?

also, sot or soti as JUST adv.
Nou sot manje. - We just ate.
Nou sot wè yo sou plaj la. - We just saw them at the beach.

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