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Monday, August 19, 2013

what does blayi mean and please list the ways it is used if there are any

blayi  - to be knocked down, to knock someone down
Li bay fanm nan yon kalòt, enpi fanm nan blayi atè a.
He slapped the woman, and the woman was knocked down to the floor
Li blayi fanm nan atè a ak yon kout pwen.
He knocked the woman to the floor with one punch.

blayi - to spread
Li choute panye a enpi tout fwi yo te blayi atè a.
He kicked the basket and all the fruits fell all over the floor.

Machann nan bite, li tonbe.  Tout machandiz li yo blayi atè a.
The merchant stumbled, he fell.  All his merchandises fell all over the floor.

blayi n. - pile of rocks people use to dry laundered clothes

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