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Monday, September 2, 2013

I am trying to find a proverb related to people who pretend to be something they're not. Or people who are hypocrites or an apostate (someone who renounces their religion or faith). You have any ideas? I remember one about "Fey Mapou vs Fey Manyok", but it escapes me. Thanks Mandaly

Fèy mapou sanble ak fèy manyòk.
The oak leaf looks like the manioc leaf (Only their product will tell the difference between them... according to the proverb)

Joumou pa donnen kalbas.
Squash tree does not yield 'Calebasse' (gourd)

Ti Jezi nan po krab
Someone who pretends to be what he/she is not.
How to use this expression:
Mesye a mete l dou tankou ti Jezi nan po krab pou li ka vin zanmi nou.
The man pretended to be humble and meek in order to gain our friendship.

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  1. What does non epa yon bagaye kote ke ka gen interesant kap fet mean in english?

    1. It seems to say, "No it's not something where there can be boasting or pretentious behavior."