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Monday, September 2, 2013

Is there a rule that some verbs need pou in front of them while nothin other cases. Like tan pou ale but mwen vle fe yon bagay? James

usually "pou" after a verb will translate "to" or "in order to", "so that "....

1. Nou manje anpil pou n ka grandi.
    We eat a lot so that we can grow.

2.  Mwen pote li pou ou pou w ka wè ak de je w.
    I brought it to you so that you can see with your own eyes.

3. Mwen vle pou w ale kounye a.
    I need you to go now.

but "tan pou" → instead of

4. Tan pou w ale anba lapli a, poukisa ou pa ret tann.
     Instead of leaving under the rain, why don't you wait a while.

5. Joann sou anba tafya. Tan pou m ta monte machin avè l, m pito mache.
    Joann is drunk.  I rather walk than drive in a car with her.

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