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Saturday, September 7, 2013

What is the difference between 'nèke' and 'dèke'? (I put the accents this time yay! :)

nèke - adv: only, just, merely, barely, once, as soon as

1. Moun yo tèlman pè mesye a, li nèke pale yo tout pran tranble.
    People are so afraid of the man, he barely speaks and they all start trembling.

2.  Nèg la nèke manyen bra fanm nan, e fanm nan di misye ba l yon kout pwen.
     The man barely touched the woman's arm and she said he punched her.

3.  Nou te gen chans yè, nou nèke rive nan estasyon bis la epi li vini.  Dabitid, bis la toujou anreta
      We were lucky yesterday, as soon as we arrived at the bus station it came.  Usually the bus is always late. 

dèke - as soon as, once

4. Dèke ou peye kontravansyon an yo va retabli pèmi kondui ou.
    Once you pay the fine they will reinstate you driver's license.

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