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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Any idea what this word means? It sounds like "bah-low" (using English phonetics), but I guess it could be "pah-low" too. Context was a command to a child, as in "George, balo."

It sounds like H. Creole's "M pale w"
In this context, it sounds like an impatient parent talking to a stubborn child, giving him a warning (usually one more time):
George, m pale w.
George, I've warned you.

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  1. Could it be "Pas l'eau"? I believe it was during bath time...

    1. It very well could be.
      That would come from someone who usually speaks French.

      Dakò :)

  2. Could it also be "I want to talk to you"? I know when I was in Haiti people were always saying "vin m pale w!" but if it was said lazily maybe it would sound the way she descibed it?

    1. I am 70% sure that this "bah-low" pronunciation is "pale'w" :)

      SO I think you might have something there.
      The same thing happens when we say "gade w" too.
      It sounds like "gah-dow"