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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I know that we discussed this already, but I want to know about this. Can I say or use 'yon pa...yon lòt pa...' as well. Example in both languages, "On the one hand I love the freedom of being single, but on the other hand the idea of being married and having a family is very attractive."

Good question.....

I would not be comfortable using "...yon pa, ... yon lòt pa"
We've always used "....yon bò (or yon kote), .... Yon lòt bò (yon lòt kote)"

If there's anything that does not click too well in that sentence, it's the following:
replace "de" with "pou" or "pou'm"
remove "se"

 "Yon pa mwen renmen libète de pou viv kòm yon selibatè, men yon lòt pa mwen renmen lide de pou vin marye et gen yon fanmi ki se atiran."

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