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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hola Mandaly,ki sa sa vle di mo "tanto" nan HC epi kijan mwen ka itilize mo sa a,mesi.

In Creole it means sometimes, at times
You can also translate it as one minute ....., and the next.....

Konpòtman nonm sa a iregilye.  Tanto l kontan, tanto l fache.
This man’s behavior is shifty. Sometimes he’s happy, sometimes he’s angry.

Fanm sa a pa konn sa l vle.  Tanto l di vle marye, tanto l di li rayi gason.
This woman doesn’t know what she wants.  Sometimes she says she wants to get married, sometimes she says she hates men.

Fanfan poko ka deside ki machin li vle achte.  Tanto se Toyota l vle, Tanto se Nissan li vle.
Fanfan can decide which car he wantd to buy yet. One minute he wants a Toyota, and the next minute he wants a Nissan.

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