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Saturday, November 23, 2013

I know that mèt is "may." Is te mèt "might?" How would you translate this from Psalm 139: "Mwen te mèt ap mache, mwen te mèt kouche, ou wè m, ou konnen tou sa m'ap fè."? Can mèt or te mèt mean anything else? Thanks!

In this case it translates even, even if, whether (conj)

Mèt (as a noun)meter (metric system), owner, teacher, master

1.     Longè teren an plis pase 6 mèt. - The terrain is more than 6 meters in length..

2.     Kote mèt magazen an? – Where’s the store owner?

3.     Eske se ou ki mèt kay la? – Are you the home owner?

Mèt (adj)skillful

4.     Nan zafè repare oto, moun sa yo se mèt. – When it comes to fixing cars, these people are proficient.

Mèt, Te Mèt (v. helper)may, can

5.     Ou mèt ale. – You may go.

6.     Nou mèt antre. – You can come in.

7.     Nou te mèt koumanse manje. –You may start eating.

8.     Eske m te mèt prete bekán ou?Can I borrow you bicycle.

Mèt  (conj)even, whether

9.     Mwen te mèt ap mache, mwen te mèt kouche… -Whether I am standing up, whether I‘m lying down …..

10. Ou te mèt fache, m p’ap ka kite w ale nan jounen an. – Even if you’re angry I cannot let you go to the field trip.

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