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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mandaly. In the course I am using, they say "M isit la depi yon semenn." for "I have been here for one week." Would it not be more correct to use "M te isit la depi yon semenn." for the past tense, or are both just as correct? By the way Madanmm, which form of "week" do you use in Kreyol? "semen, semenn oubyen senmenn?" Mesi anpil.

Actually “M isit la depi yon semèn.” Is correct.
It expresses an event/action that started to happen in the past and continue to happen in the present.
If you had “I had been here for one week”, then you could translate it as “M te isit la depi you semèn."
And regarding the spelling of “semèn”, all three forms are acceptable in Creole.

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