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Monday, November 25, 2013

To my friend .... I can't find your original question :-\. I did paste the content in to my WORD program while I work on it. I am still missing one translation :-\.

Sorry bon zanmi m :)
I couldn't find the H. Creole translation for overproof rum.  I did ask around.  I'll keep working in it.

Dreamer – ideyalis, vizyonè

Juicy – plen sòs

grinding machine, grinder - moulen

mash(wine mash) – kraze, moulen

molasses  - melas

overproof rum -

amber rum – wonm anbre

spiced rum – wonm epise

naval rum - gwòg

flavored rum – wonm awomatize

fermentation - fèmantasyon

distillation - distilasyon

aging - vyeyi

blending - blende

yeast - leven

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