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Monday, January 27, 2014

How would you explain what "Tete Chargee" means to someone not familiar with Kreyol or Haitian expressions?

Tèt chaje


Chajefull, loaded, burdened

Tèt chajeburdened head (literally)

So it can be an expression for dilemma, trouble, predicament

You can use it as verb or noun.

Using it as noun:

1.     Fanm sa a se yon tèt chaje. – This woman is trouble

2.     Pa ban m tèt chaje tanpri. – Don’t complicate things for me please

3.     Ala tèt chaje!What a dilemma!

4.     Mwen nan tèt chaje.I’m in hot water (in trouble).

Using it as verb:

5.     Pa vin chaje tèt mwen. – Don’t give me any worries.

6.     Poukisa w’ap chaje tèt mwen konsa?  Why are you stressing me out?

7.     Pa kite mesye sa a chaje tèt ou ak problem li non.Don’t let this man stress you about his problems.

8.     Pa chaje tèt ou twòp ak bagay sa yo.Don’t worry too much about these things

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