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Thursday, January 30, 2014

More "get" questions. How would you say "get in the car or get in bed?"

Get in /get into/get onantre, monte
Get in the car  monte machin nan, antre nan machin nan
She got into the car. - Li te monte machin nan. Or Li te antre nan machin nan

Get on the bike. - Monte bisiklèt la
When you get on the bike do not  let go of the handle bar.
Lè w monte bisiklèt la, pa lage gidon an.

How did you get into the house?
Kouman ou te antre nan kay la?
Get in bedmonte kabann, ale nan kabann
Get off/ get outdesann, soti
She got off the bus at exactly 4 o’clock.
Li te desann bis la a katrè pil.

They all got out of the car and took off running.
Yo tout desann machin nan enpi yo pran kouri.
To get somewhererive
I got home early.Mwen te rive lakay bonè
When will we get there?Kilè nou va rive la?

We’ll never get anywhere in this condition. - Nou p’ap janm rive okenn kote nan kondisyon sa a

Get bettervin miyò, fè mye
Get worsevin pi mal
I see that you got better. – Mwen remake ou vin miyò.
It seems that he’s getting worse – Sanble l’ap vin pi mal.

Get rid ofdebarase (pronominal verb in this case)
I need to get rid of that sofa. – Mwen bezwen debarase m ak fotèy sa.
You need to get rid of that man.Ou bezwen debarase w ak nèg sa a
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