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Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello Mandaly, Did I ask you questions about punctuation in Haitian creole? I feel like I did but let me know if you did or did not. If did you received the questions, could you explain them in great detail

Yes, you will find them in the Haitian Creole language just like you find them in French...  a period at the end of a statement; a question mark at the end of a question; commas to connect words, clauses, lists, you may see apostrophes or dashes with contractions such as manman'l, l'ap, se manje li-a; you will find the hyphen with names a lot of times like in Mari-Lwiz, Jan-Mak, or Jan-Pòl; etc...
periods - pwen, pwen final
question mark - pwen entèwogasyon
exclamation points - pwen esklamasyon
comma- vigil
hyphen - trèdinyon
dash – tirè
semicolon – pwen vigil
colon – de pwen
apostrophes - apostwòf
quotation marks - gimè; (quote … end quote – ant gimè, nan mitan gimè)
parentheses – parantèz,  (in parentheses – ouvè parantèz … fèmen parantèz)
commercial at- awobaz
ellipsis -  pwen sispansyon
pipe – ba vetikal
forward slash - ba oblik
backslash - ba oblik envès
brackets ([...]) -  kwochè
brackets ({...})  - akolad

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