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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hi can you explain 'san' in 'poze san w'? why 'san', why not 'tan'?Same goes for 'pran san w' which means 'take your time', it seems to me it might as well be 'pran tan w'.Can you also give a couple of examples. mesi.

Yes you’re right.  It might make better sense for you if we said “pran tan ou ” instead of “pran san w or poze san w – relax, take your time, pace yourself” which is the correct expression, and we do sometimes. 

But when using this expression I’d like you to think more about your core, your foundation, your nanm... relaxing, unwindingSan does literally translate blood, and that’s what we do mean:  Pran san w…poze san wcool your blood, cool it… someone whose blood is, perhaps, “boiling”, someone who’s too excited, too anxious, …twò antyoutyout.

Some examples how you use it:

1. Poze san w non!  Sa’w genyen ou antyoutyout konsa? - Calm down! Why are you so juiced up?

2. Se te premye fwa l t’ap fè lanmou.  Mennaj li di l, “Poze san w cheri, ou pa bezwen prese”. - It was his first time making love.  His girlfriend said to him, “Take your time honey, you don’t need to rush."

3. M konnen l fò l te pran nan mera.  Li pa’t vle poze san l.  Li te twò cho devan bann nan. - I knew she was bound to run into trouble. She didn’t want to take her time.  She was too antsy.

4. Poze san w pitit. Twò prese pa fè jou louvri. – Relax child. Being in a hurry does not make the day start any sooner. (second part translated literally)

5. N’ap poze san n.  N’ap tann. Delivrans nou ap vini yon jou kanmenm. – We’ll pace ourselves.  We’ll wait. Our deliverance will come one day for sure.

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