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Monday, February 17, 2014

I can use konsa to say about, almost?

Yes, “about, approximately, around….”

Y’ap koumanse a witè konsa. – They’ll begin at about 8:00.

N’ap sòti bò zòn apremidi konsa. – We’ll go out around the afternoon.

Te ka genyen yon santèn moun konsa anndan an. – There could have been approximately a hundred person inside.

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  1. Hi Mandaly! I so appreciate your blog. Thanks for ALL your hard work. I just want to make an observation about "N'ap sòti bò zòn apremidi konsa." This sentence shows a striking difference between North American culture and Haitian culture. Haitian culture is much less time conscious and exacting. In the US you can say, "We're going out around 3." Or "We're going out between 3 and 4." Or even "We're going out sometime in the afternoon." But we can't say we're going out around the afternoon. In the North American mind there is no 'around' the afternoon. If you get to the edges, per say, of the afternoon you're either in the morning or the evening. I really enjoy looking at our cultures and appreciating the differences. :)

    1. Thanks. Language is a beautiful thing. Sometimes it offers a little perspective on how other cultures think and see things that are around them.