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Monday, February 3, 2014

I have recently returned from a 3 week stay in south Louisiana. I was greatly disappointed in…

"I have recently returned from a 3 week stay in south Louisiana.  I was greatly
disappointed in
the way Creole is being lost in Louisiana.  I was told that many of the Creole
speakers from there were relocated to other areas, so this accounts for the
depletion of Creole speakers in Louisiana.

I found out through experience that one may speak
Haitian Creole (HC) to a Louisiana Creole (LC) speaker and be understood, and
vice versa.  If
I were more proficient in Creole, then the sailing would have been more smooth.

Thank God for you HC's!  It is you people who are propagating the Creole culture
worldwide.  MY culture will survive through YOUR culture!  For this, I am
eternally greatful to the Haitian Creole community for this.


Jan Rachal

Mèsi Jan Rachal.  N’ap kontinye pouse lang Kreyòl la monte.
Thanks ,we’ll continue to promote the Haitian Creole language.

Kenbe la.

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