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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Kisa vle di FLANKE exactly nan Angle? Esplike? Eske ou kapab itilize li nan yon fraz?

Flanke can translate to give (more like “to frickin give”), to wham, to bang, to slam, to drop, to slap. 

Saying flanke indicates some anger, impatience, upset, … also indicates movement that’s done with a wham! a blow! or a strike! It does not indicate kindness.

Men kèk egzanp:

Flanke m lapè m!  - (literally) Give me my peace (This may really mean Shut up! Or Leave me alone!)

Flanke jwèt videyo a de kote enpi vin ede m. – Put the video game aside and come help me. (again, using “flanke”here indicates some impatience or a little anger)

Li flanke pitit la atè a pou l sa joure m. – She drop the child on the ground so she can curse at me
Li flanke m yon kout baton. – She hit me with a club.

Li flanke mesye a yon kalòt. – She slapped the guy.

Al flanke dèyè w yon kote! – (literally) Go put your butt somewhere!  / Go sit down!
Savon an koute $2.  M te ba w $5 donk flanke m monnen m! - The soap costs $2.  I gave you $5 so give me my change.

Misye t’ap fè vitès.  De polis rete l enpi yo flanke l yon kontravansyon. – He was speeding.  Two police officers stopped him and gave him a ticket.

Madanm nan t’ap fè gwo eskandal nan kay la.  Mari a rele lapolis, li fè yo flanke madanm nan nan prizon. – The wife was making a big fuss in the house.  The husband called the police and had them put the wife in jail.

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