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Monday, February 10, 2014

Lapoula m te dwe fè bak tounen lakay men. Hi, can you explain 'lapoula' and 'bak' ? here. Mesi anpil (kamsa hamnida)-that's in Korean

Lapoulaimmediately, right then and there,  right away, right on the spot

1. Jezi te poze men l sou malad la e lapoula l te geri. - Jesus laid his hand on the sick and immediately he was healed.


Regarding ‘bak’, the expression actually is “fè bak

fè bak – to back away, to step back, to walk back, to back down
sometimes you will hear “fè bak annaryè  to go backwards, to recede, to  retreat

2. Lè moun yo te wè mesye a te gen yon zam nan men l yo tout te fè bak. – When the people saw that the man had a weapon they all stepped back.

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