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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mandaly. I am hearing more and more the word "manje" being pronounced "manj" in affected speech. I heard this also a few times in Louisiana while I was there. What I want to know, is this considered "good” or "proper" Kreyol, at least in Haitian Creole? Mesi bokou.

No it is not a common way to say “manje” in Haitian Creole.  Are you hearing this from just one person or different people?  And are they speaking HAITIAN Creole?

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  1. Alo. I heard this pronunciation 3 times on the Pimsleur Haitian Creole course.
    Twice in Louisiana Creole in Louisiana, and about 2 times on the internet; I believe one was on VOA Nouvel. I just thought it was an alternative way of
    speaking it in affected speech with all the Creoles. So, I should avoid it to
    sound more proper in HC? Mesi.

    1. Bonswa Rachal,
      I am surprised that Pimsleur used this term for "manje". It is definitely not a common term (in Haitian Creole) unless one is speaking French.

      Oke. N'a pale :)