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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Where can I find the correct terms for the different parts of the face and body in Haitian Creole? Thank you for your help!

Hair - cheve, chive
Face – figi, vizaj
facial creases – pli nan figi
forehead -  fwon or fontèn
eyebrow – sousi
eyelashes – plim je
eyelid – po je or do je
eyeball – boul je
eye– je or zye
eye socket – twou je
cheek – bò figi
cheek bone – zo figi
jaw – machwa,  machwè
jawbone -  zo machwa, zo machwè
chin - manton
dimple – twou bote
mouth - bouch
teeth - dan
nose - nen
nostrils – twou nen
profile view – depwofil 
Parts of the face / Diferan pati nan figi a

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