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Monday, March 17, 2014

Can you use Haitian creole min in a sentence or two please?

Men wi.

Min – facial expression, demeanor,  mannerism

We usually say “mare min” as in to frown, to pout, to look angry

And we also say, dis min mare nan fwon which means to look angry, to look stern
1. Lè w mare min ou ou fè moun pè.   - When you look angry you scare people .

2. Madanm nan te chita sou tab la, min ni byen mare, pa’t gen moun ki fouti pwoche l. – The woman sat at the table , all gloomy, no one dared  to approach her.

3. Sa’k fè w mare min ou konsa?  Se pou moun pa pwoche w? Why do you look so angry?  Is it so that people to get close to you?

4. Demare min ou. – Stop the long face. Or  Smile. Or even  Turn your frown upside down

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