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Sunday, March 2, 2014

If someone says for example "map sotew tankou yon anpoul" what would he/she mean by that? Is this statement a mean or just playful statement? #JustALittleCuriousLol

It actually can be both, threatening or playful depending on context.
I'm afraid to ask what the context was :)

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  1. Lol thanks but what is the person trying to tell me though? Is the person trying to say "im going to teach you a lesson" or maybe "watch your mouth"?

    1. Literally it means, "I'm going to pop you like a light bulb"
      This can be that the person is going to teach you a lesson or smack you real good, but it can have a sexual connotation depending on the context.

  2. Lol thanks Mandaly I'll remember that for next time ;) It sounds so amusing to me.

  3. I thought sote was jump or skip. Is it also like pete?

    1. Yes, just like "pete". “Sote” can translate to pop, to explode, or to sizzle (in a pan)
      1. Li sote tèt kabrit la ak yon manchèt.
      2. Te gen twòp aparèy konnekte nan kouran an, donk anpoul yo sote.

      And don’t forget “sote” also translates “to be startled”
      3. Ou fè m sote. – You startled me.
      4. Pandan m’ap mache deyò a, m sote sou yon koulèv. M pran kouri.