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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mandaly. As in "Ou isit la depi yon mwa.", can the "ou" be plural as in "you all", or is it only singular? If it is only singular, then how would you say "you" (plural) in this sentence addressing more than one person? Mesi.

The “ou” is singular.
You will use “nou” to indicate plural “you” .

Depi konbyen tan nou isit la?
How long have you (you all) been here?

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  1. Mandaly. This is what (even though I did not mention it) I thought. I just was not sure if it would be "nou". I even thought it might be "ou yo" or something like that. M konprann li kounye a. Thank you so very much zanmi m!

    1. Great Rachal. I must tell you that your Haitian Creole is much much better. Congratulations :)