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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mandaly. M gen yon kestyon pou ou? Ki jan ""a" yo" pwononse nan fraz la: "Gason an gwo a abiye tonsiton." In case I screwed up with my Kreyol.......are the "a's" in "a abiye" run together (sound-wise), or are they 2 separate sounds? I am really having a "love affair" with Kreyol Ayisyen. It is like a great marriage; it keeps getting better every day! I apologize to all you HC's for stealing your language! Mesi.

I hope that the honeymoon in this marriage will last for a long time…. lol!
I guess this makes learning Creole more fun :)
Your hard work is paying off in a big way.

a” the article before “abiyeAND The first letter “a” in the word “abiye” are pronounced like two distinct sounds.
Your example “Gwo gason an abiye tonsiton” instead of "Gason an gwo a abiye tonsiton."  does not require the use of the article “a”, but I’ll give you some other examples:

Ti fi a abiye bwòdè.
Where you pronounce it like:
Tee-fee-ya – a-bi-yay- bwò-dè
Here’s another example:
Mesye a achte kay la.

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