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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

what does "pouba w bade" mean in h creole. thnxs


  1. Oops sorry I actually meant to say "Poumba w bade!" Hope this helps

    1. I think it’s most likely “pou m pa bade w”.

      Bade means to coat, to smear, to smudge

      … pou m pa bade w … - so that I don’t smear you
      You would probably hear this in a threatening way, for example,
      Pa fè frekansite w avè m pou m pa bade w ak kout batonDon’t be disrespectful to me so that I don’t flood you with a good spanking.

      Other example on use of “bade”:
      Pantalon l te bade ak labou.His pants were smeared with mud.
      Li bade figi fanm nan ak kalòt. - He/she slapped the woman.
      Tout miray kay la te bade ak salte - All the walls of the house were smudged with filth.

  2. Thank you! Your examples really helped Mandaly