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Friday, April 11, 2014

Mandaly. Ki jan ou di an Kreyol Ayisyen a mixed group of boys and girls? Is it as in Spanish; the masculine form "los muchachos" / "gason yo"? Mesi bokou.

We say mesyedam for mixed group of males and females.

How’s your trip to Haiti coming along? I was thinking of you and thought you had left already :)

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  1. Mandaly. I have elected to go on the next trip after April. It could be 4 to 6 months from now. My wife's business is taking a big turn towards the commercial side, so they need my help for now. Plus money-wise, from this, we will be in a much more capable way of helping our church's mission of relief for Ayiti. They share the burden of expenses with 2 other churches there for running the orphanage in Potoprens, plus for feeding the homeless and helping families adjust to getting their own places to live.
    Plus, I am really hunkering down on my Kreyol in the meantime, so as not to be a "typical" American who can only speak english. When I started learning Kreyol, it was for purely selfish motives, such as getting in touch with my heritage. Now, Bondye has placed my heart in a different direction. He told me "Let's put this most beautiful language to practical use." "It ain't just about you anymore." Anyway, I cannot wait to be able to finally see (and help) my Black cousins there. Bondye beni w Mandaly.

    1. That's great news. I hope you get to visit the countryside of Haiti too when you go. In the meantime, mwen ankouraje ou pou ou kontinye pale Kreyol.

      Kenbe la.