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Friday, May 9, 2014

Bonjou! I wanted to ask about the North Haitian Creole dialect and the way it is spoken differently than in Pòtòprens. What are a variety of words or spellings of words that are used and written that are different from the standard Haitian Creole dialect that is written and spoken in Pòtòprens, the capital? I heard that instead of "Li pral wè w avèk mamit la", the northerners would write or say "i pray vwa w ake kanistè a"? What are some words to say or write in the North Haitian Creole dialect?

 First and foremost they have a different accent.

Yes, they do say vwa instead of , ake instead of avèk, avè or ak, kanistè instead of manmit, and “i” instead of “li”, and pray instead of pral
Other different terms they use (that I can tnk of):. 
They might say kòk instead of kokoye
They say kawo, we say fè (fèarepase);
They say kinan for possessive
they say twade we say wayal
They say kwoke when talking about sexual intercourse
They say dite we say te
They usually say fèrenk instead of  fèk
They will say “y” when using the contracted third person object pronoun  “l”.
They might also say chapitè when talking about yon oungan

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