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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

alez alez???

Alèzlaid back, at ease, comfortable

Mete w alèz.
Loosen up
Take it easy
Make yourself at home

Tanpri mete w alèz avè l.
Please ease up on him.

M mete m alèz.  
I’m laid back.
I loosened up.

Li te mete l alèz.
He kicked back and relaxed  

Ayisyen renmen etranje ki mete yo alèz ak tout kalite moun.
Haitians love foreigners who are comfortable with all types of people.    

Expression: alèz kou Blèz ki chita sou chèz san pinèz – to be contented, pleased, very comfortable, well-off, on cloud nine

Misye genyen nan lotri a, kounye a li alèz kou Blèz ki chita sou chèz san pinèz.
He won the lottery now he's on cloud nine.

M te mete m alèz avè l, m pa konn poukisa li pa’t alèz avè m.
I was at ease with him I do not know why he was uneasy with me.

Eske w alèz? – Are you comfortable?

Wi m' alèz mèsi.
Yes I'm comfortable thanks.

Your other question:

Franchman – Frankly

Franchman ou fè m fache.
Pou di w laverite ou fè m fache.

To tell you the truth you make me mad

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