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Thursday, July 10, 2014

God bless you. I'm puertorican, I took basic creole lesson my question is is it ok "10 liv yo" or I can omit the "yo'" because of the number and say 10 liv. mesi anpil.

It depends.
If you’re talking about ten particular (ten specific books), then yes add “yo”
Pa egzanp:
Eske w te achte dis liv yo m te mande w achte a.
Did you buy the ten books I asked you to buy.
So we’re talking about ten particular books that I had asked ou to buy.

Li te boule tout dis liv yo.
He burned all ten books.

Or if we’re being non-specific we omit “yo”.
Pa egzanp:
M bezwen dis liv.
Mwen t’achte dis liv nan libreri a.

Magazen sa a pote dis liv sèlman.

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