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Thursday, July 10, 2014

I'm currently tracing my ancestry back (it's SO exciting!) and I've discovered that Martinique and Guadeloupe are two of the MANY places it traces back to. ^_^ I just found out about "Kreyol Gwadloupeyen" and "Kreyol Matnik." As far as learning the languages goes, will learning "Kreyol Ayisyen" help with these other two Creoles OR should I pursue those languages separately like you told me about French? OR are the three languages so similar I don't have to learn these two other Creoles at all?

You might be able to get the gist of the conversation or hear a word or two (or a sentence or two) when listening to some "mostly French-based" Creole languages if you were to speak Haitian Creole fluently, but you do have to specifically learn that Creole language separately in order to benefit from it.

Kenbe la tande!

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  1. Ok, m konprann ou!

    I'll take it one language at a time then. I just get SO excited I have to remember to RELAX and move at my own pace.